Our fingers are crossed that one of your New Year’s resolutions was to spend more time with Scripture because we should all be striving to learn more about God’s word! However, responsibilities and distractions often pull us in a million different directions, seemingly limiting our time. It takes diligence and commitment to add a new task to a routine but let’s all agree the Bible is worth it. Little steps make a difference, so take a small today by downloading a faithful app that will help you have the Word at your fingertips.

The YouVersion Bible App

youversion bible app

Chances are you’ve already downloaded this app, but for those who haven’t, it is by far one of the best Bible apps on the App Market today. With a verse of the day (today’s is Ephesians 4:26-27), Bible reading plans, multiple reading versions of the Bible, search functions based on specific things like love, peace, and faith, and searches based on how you are feeling. It has plans for everything you are going through or know someone going through. This app will make reading the Bible easy wherever you are.


Bible+ by Olive Tree

Bible+ App by Olive Tree

For those serious about getting down deep into the Bible’s text, the Bible+ app by Olive Tree is for you. With a vast resource library that integrates as you read, the app also allows you to take notes, highlight, and save passages across your devices so you can pick up where you left off easily. They also offer comprehensive reading plans based on several topics and time frames, from five days to a year. Bonus: you’ll be able to access the Olive Tree library as well to build reference material to help you study the Bible better.


She Reads Truth

She Reads Truth App

This Bible app is specifically geared toward giving women a specialized experience geared toward them. Designed with this community in mind, the She Reads Truth Bible + Devotional app is a beautiful, functional, and accessible Bible-reading tool created to help women from around the world to connect with God’s Word and each other, anytime and anywhere. Whether you need the Word in the early morning before the world wakes, during a lunch break at your desk, or in the middle of the night with a baby in your arms—the She Reads Truth app brings your quiet (or not so quiet) time to you, right where you are.  The app also has unique perks like downloadable lock screens of your favorite verses, a nighttime mode to be kind to your eyes, and real-time commenting. There’s also a He Reads Truth app version!


Sprinkle of Jesus

Sprinkle of Jesus app

Sprinkle of Jesus is a Christian publication that not only shows you how to have a closer relationship with Christ, but teaches you how to live a life full of financial abundance. Through their online ministries, they are committed to being agents of change. On the app, you’ll find content geared towards Christian Entrepreneurs, Bible reading functions, a collection of impactful sermons, and more.


Daily Audio Bible App

Daily Audio Bible App by Bible Gateway

This paid-app is powered by Bible Gateway and their mission is add Scripture to the daily rhythm of your life. The app provides audio accompaniment to your Bible reading so you can listen in the car or as you work throughout the day. It also provides community prayer, teachings and talks on the Bible, and audio in multiple languages (if you are looking to expand your horizon). For a one-time purchase, it is worth it if you need an app to be flexible to your schedule.


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