All will be well this year, and it starts with the commitment you make to your soul to keep it light and healthy. Resolutions come and go, desires change, but your soul is your most important asset because, well, it is you! As you make goals to be physically healthier, don’t forget to nourish the most crucial part of you.


Journal and explore your spiritual core

Write down the experiences that brought you joy this year and the ones not so much. Find the patterns in what makes your soul sing and do more of that. You’ll only find more passion and joy in your pursuits if they are the right ones for your soul.

Look for the deeper meanings in the people in your life and the opportunities (and struggles) that happen

You can choose to wallow in the failed relationships, the missed connections, and the bad days where nothing went right. Although, what are you really gaining from that? Look for the purpose God had in adding that disappointment or stress to your story. Nothing really goes away until we have learned what we were intended to. That includes the people in our lives. Look around you. What are they here to teach you?

Try Meditation

Meditation has long been practiced as a way to center the mind, body, and soul, which makes it a great tool to help develop a closer connection with God through quietness and reflection. Listening to His voice sometimes requires you to quiet yours, both external and internal.


“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” (Proverbs 11:25). Time is a precious commodity in today’s world as we are being pulled in so many directions and there is always something more to do on the horizon. In the hustle and bustle, don’t forget to give some of your time to others who are in need. Your soul will be generously compensated for the time it gave to make a difference in someone else’s soul.

Time with God in the morning

Resolutions to wake up earlier are common, but abandoning them is just as prevalent. Don’t get us wrong, it’s a hard thing to do. Hold yourself accountable to someone else to make it stick. Hold yourself accountable to God. The best time to spend time with Him is the first waking moments of your day, especially in gratitude for the blessings and opportunities poised to occur. That first hour can set the tone for your entire day so why not set the day along a more Godly path?

Pray As Often as You Can

Pray, pray, pray all day. More often than not, we might find ourselves praying in need. Whether it is what path to take, to put something in our lives, or relief from a struggle, frequently we ASK of God, rather than just talking or being thankful for the beautiful status quo. A relationship with God on the prayer level does not have time constraints or a schedule so no matter where you are, give thanks or even just a shout-out to the Lord for the good things come to fruition. Your soul will feel lighter every time.


Do you have ways to nourishing your soul’s health that others could benefit from in 2018? Let us know on Facebook!