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Overcoming Divorce: Faith and Forgiveness

Lori Anderson is an inspirational coach, writer, and speaker. In her remarkable book, Divorce with Grace: A Book of Hope and Healing, Lori shares with us her own personal story of difficult divorce and how the G.R.A.C.E. process can turn past hurts and pain into positive steps to rebuild your life.  She reveals her thoughts on how faith guided […]

Kay Arthur

Kay Arthur

Christianity isn’t a religion, it’s a relationship. And as we all know, a relationship requires a high commitment to communication. | Kay Arthur Kay Arthur is considered is one of the best Bible teachers today. Her exciting, practical approach to the Scriptures has influenced thousands to use the Precept™ Inductive Bible Study Method in their […]

Andy Stanley

In the shadow of my hurt, forgiveness feel like a decision to reward my enemy. But in the shadow of the cross, forgiveness is merely a gift from one undeserving soul to another. | Andy Stanley Communicator, author, and pastor, Andy Stanley founded Atlanta-based North Point Ministries in 1995. Today, NPM is comprised of six […]

Who, Me? by Miafede

“[God] said, Take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering upon one of the mountains I will tell you about.” Genesis 22:2 We hate chores. They remind us of unpleasant things we have to do, like eating all the overcooked […]

New: CORE Men’s Group

CORE’s Vision is to help men see their true identity and purpose in the context of brotherhood for the sake of their families and cities. Men crave community. Whether it’s a fishing trip, a backpacking outing, a weekend football or hockey game, or just meeting the guys for a drink after work, men hang out. […]

Gwen Smith

Healing begins when we hold tightly to the truth of God and allow the truth of God to hold tightly to us. | Gwen Smith Gwen Smith is a speaker, author, songwriter and worship leader who inspires women toward the heart of God through stories, songs, and Scripture. She has a defined ministry goal: to encourage […]

5 Transformative Sermons on Relationships

Relationships can often be the source of greatest joy or deepest sorrow, and there are always questions to be answered about what’s right and where things are moving. Whether you are single, seeking, or in a committed relationship, here are a few great sermons that will transform your perspective on love and opening your heart: […]

Prayers For Moms

God could not be everywhere, and that is why He made mothers. | Rudyard Kipling As Mother’s Day approaches, we are reflecting on all of the #unconditionallove our mothers show us which gives us just a glimpse at Jesus’ love for us. We are so grateful for all of the strong women who continue to inspire and […]

Sharon Jaynes

You were created to make God recognizable to others—to show others what God is like. | Sharon Jaynes Sharon Jaynes has been encouraging and equipping women through ministry for over twenty-five years. From the time she met Christ as a teenager, she fell in love with God’s Word and has had a passion to bring God’s […]

Jo Saxton

We don’t live beyond what we think about ourselves, so we need to ensure our minds are informed by the right things, by the truth. #mentoringmoment #leadership — Jo Saxton (@josaxton) April 9, 2018 Saxton is an author, speaker, leadership coach, church planter and visionary, who empowers women, challenges societal stereotypes and helps people discover […]

5 Tips To Jumpstart Your Morning Prayer and Meditation Routine

First off, why is prayer important? Above all else, it keeps us directly connected with our Creator on a daily basis. It’s not about asking God for what we want, it’s about asking God what he wants and wills for us. It’s about bringing glory to Him on a regular basis. He already knows what […]

Priscilla Shirer

 God is the God of “right now.” He doesn’t want you sitting around regretting yesterday. Nor does He want you wringing your hands and worrying about the future. He wants you focusing on what He is saying to you and putting in front of you … right now. -Priscilla Shirer, Discerning the Voice of God When […]

Priceless by Miafede

Miafede chronicles the thoughts of a traveler in this faith journey with brothers and sisters who believe we are not alone and seek a closer union with God and each other. “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.” – Matthew 6:19 In January […]

Finding Common Ground by Judy Knotts

Guest Post by Judy Knotts We couldn’t be more different. He is Mexican-American, slight, handsome, and middle age. I am of Irish and Dutch descent, tall for a woman, and elderly. He has two years of formal schooling; I have 22. He’s lived in the woods, a bunk house, a shelter, a trailer and a […]

4 Faithful Nonprofits Making An Impact

When a lot of people do a little, it adds up and makes a difference. | Christine Caine This week, all things faithful is honoring 4 incredible organizations that are seeding a path of change, watered by faith and impact. From connecting to giving to transforming, each team tackles something a little different, but are […]

Lynn Marie Cherry

Freedom is not the absence of temptation. Freedom is not the absence of struggle. Freedom is being equipped and knowing what to do when those difficulties come.   We recently had the opportunity to chat with a local faith builder, Lynn Marie Cherry, author of the book Keep Walking: 40 Days To Hope And Freedom […]

What Now? by Miafede

Miafede chronicles the thoughts of a traveler in this faith journey with brothers and sisters who believe we are not alone and seek a closer union with God and each other. O foolish men and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken! Was it not necessary for the Christ to suffer […]

Love, It’s That Simple by Miafede

Miafede chronicles the thoughts of a traveler in this faith journey with brothers and sisters who believe we are not alone and seek a closer union with God and each other. “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another. By this […]

10 Powerful Sermons by Faith Builders

May God remind us daily—no matter what kind of obstacles we face—that we are loved and empowered by the One who brought the universe into existence with the mere sound of His voice. Nothing is impossible for Him. | Beth Moore During the Lenten season, we hope you are finding reflection and meditation within God’s […]

Jamie Ivey

Things I’ve done yesterday or twenty-five years ago don’t define me, only Jesus does. | Jamie Ivey At All Things Faithful, we are big champions for those in our local community who are building foundations of faith. Jamie Ivey is one of those local #faithbuiders we are proud of! Jamie Ivey and her husband Aaron moved […]

dolly parton faith builder

Dolly Parton

I always ask God to work through me and let me be a light of some kind and help in this world, so I always pray for that, and I always want to do good. – Dolly Parton The most honored female country performer of all time, Dolly Parton has nine Grammy Awards, two Academy Award nominations, ten Country Music […]

forgiveness miafede all things faithful reflections

The Freeing Power of Forgiveness by Miafede

Miafede chronicles the thoughts of a traveler in this faith journey with brothers and sisters who believe we are not alone and seek a closer union with God and each other. “He who is forgiven little, loves little.” – Luke 7:47 Forgiveness seems in short supply today. Ironically, our need to be forgiven has grown to epic proportions. Scandals […]

Dr. Jenny Eaton Dyer

“Bettering the human condition is the greatest good any individual can ever achieve.” — Thomas F. Frist, Sr., M.D. (1910-1998)   This week, the team here wanted to introduce you to a faith builder who is pursuing a noble passion, making an impact on global health and sustainability. Dr. Jenny Eaton Dyer is currently the […]

Why You Should Start A Gratitude Journal Today

“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.” ― Meister Eckhart Sometimes you go to bed on Monday evening and then you wake up Friday morning. Wondering where the week went, you do your best to recharge for the next week ahead. Before you know it, it’s the next week, the […]

10 Thought-Provoking Quotes on Prayer

Prayer is everything. It’s our solace, our joy, and most importantly, our connection with the Lord. However you pray, He is always listening. We hope these words of wisdom inspire your prayer life! Share them with those who need a reminder of the importance of prayer.   The more you pray, the less you’ll panic. The […]