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Kari Jobe has been a tour de force in faith music for quite a while now. This Dallas-based artist is our#faithful pick this week, and it's evident why when you hear the tear-inducing, heartstring-pulling combination of Kari Jobe's voice. Using her gift of

[qodef_separator class_name="" type="normal" position="center" color="#ffffff" border_style="" width="" thickness="" top_margin="" bottom_margin=""] If you were looking for the perfect anthems for your morning playlist to get you pumped for the day and what God has in store for you, we found it. Wildly talented

Burn brighter, radiate the light, we’ll sing it out ‘til our world’s alive Burn brighter, fearless in the fight, light, light, light up the darkness   According to band member Jeremy, the driving passion behind Fearless BND is to “share the gifts God

Even when the trouble and the hard times come I know I've conquered all today through Your love Nothing can separate us- "Your Love"   We found this Australian trio by accident, but then again, nothing is ever an accident. There was something about