A week can fly by in the blink of an eye, and, if you’re like us and are subscribed to a gazillion devotionals, you can miss a few. Each week we will be bringing you a list of 7 stand-out devotionals and thought pieces from authors across the internet that brought a unique and important message of faith. We hope you enjoy this week’s thoughtful things!
“Overcoming Comparsion” by Savannah Sturgeon with The Good Fruit

The Good Fruit Devotional Digest Pick

“When we compare our lives to others, we are acting as if there is a universal standard for living, as if God created one single lifestyle and we are all required to share it and attain it. In a way, this is an insult to God’s creative ability. When I compare my life to others I attempt to force my life and experience into a mold created for someone else, ignoring the life God created specifically for me. Comparison is a rebellious act against our trust in God’s ability to create a life for us that is incomparable.”

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“Ambition Is A Virtue” by Melissa Canales with Legacy of Love
Legacy of Love Devotional Pick

Melissa Canales | Legacy of Love

“Ambition is not a sin, it is a virtue! The reason ambition is portrayed as a sin is because most people are ambitious for the wrong things and the wrong reasons. If you are ambitious for your own sake, or if your goals are limited to earthly results, then and only then is ambition a sin. But if you chose to be ambitious for God, you are walking in the path of Jesus. Choose to be ambitious for God. Dream big for the body Christ. Be ambitious to spread his message across world. Be constantly awake and aware of what you can do to reach the goal of giving everyone a chance to allow Jesus into their lives. “

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When You Are STILL Suffering… by Shanna Garcia for Proverbs 31

Proverbs 31

“Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning” (Psalm 30:5b).

In the midst of my pain, I found myself questioning the legitimacy of this well-known Scripture. I cried out many times, “Sorrow is supposed to only last for a night, joy is supposed to come in the morning! That’s what Your Word says. So why is the pain dragging on? Why do Your children sometimes struggle for days, months or even years?”

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Focus On Who Not Do by Stephanie Bryant for (in)courage

incourage devotional website

“Dr. Seuss may have had great insight and given us all a hint about how to live a good life when he named his fictional small village WHOville, instead of DOville.

I’m entering a new season and have been praying a lot for guidance, direction and the revelation of next steps. Like you, I want to be obedient to God’s will for my life and expand His Kingdom as I walk out His plans for me.

But this is where a lot of anxiety can creep in. “

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Preachers Are Servants, Not Celebrities: What I Learned From Charles Spurgeon by Alistair Begg for Desiring God

Desiring God Devotional Pick

“God has called us to be servants, not celebrities. It is important for us to be in the hospital visiting the sick, and at the bedsides of those facing death. When we allow “the weed of pride” to take root in our ministries, we soil the reputation of the gospel by embracing a double standard that allows us to proclaim certain truths without living in the light of the very messages we proclaim. Let’s not kid ourselves. It is not what people say about us or what we say about ourselves that matters, but what God says about us.”

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Three Answers You Need to Know by Sharon Jaynes with Girlfriends In God

Girlfriends In God

“Oh sister, nothing is impossible for Elohim, The Mighty Creator. He can breathe life into any seemingly hopeless situation that comes your way. “For nothing is impossible with God” (Luke 1:37 NIV). You can depend on Elohim to weave a design out of the tangled circumstances of your life, even when they may seem as shapeless and void as the earth was prior to His first utterance of “Let there be.” 

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Unblocking The Grace Of God by Sabrina Schlesinger for Propel Women

“I think too often we walk around as women, sisters, friends and mothers carrying burdens we were never designed to carry, the results wreaking havoc on our emotions and bodies. We get headaches, ulcers, nightmares, breakouts, hair loss and more because we are overly stressed with the cares of this world. How many of us might experience true joy and peace if we simply handed over our pickle jar to our Heavenly Father?”

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