Without coffee, mornings would be difficult. Without God, life would be impossible.


We all have that teacher growing up, whether in school or in Sunday school class, that had an impact on the way we look at life.

We cling to the lessons they taught us through adulthood. Margaret Feinberg is one of those amazing teachers that have so much to give the world. She’s a Bible teacher, speaker, author of not just books, but also coloring books for adults. She’s reached millions with her voice and publications, leaving lessons on life and faith in her wake.

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In 2013, Margaret was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her struggle inspired her book, Fight Back With Joy: Celebrate More. Regret Less. Stare Down Your Greatest Fears. that reminds us that “no matter what your circumstances, you can practice defiant joy. When you do, you will embrace a life that’s richer and fuller than you’ve ever known before—a life radiant with joy.”

We also love this post Margaret wrote on Rachel Held Evans’ website about joy.

Margaret has a lot of lessons to teach about fighting through struggle, which we all need a little help and guidance with in our lives. You never know when you’ll need it or why, but sometimes the worst situations in life blindsight you out of nowhere and struggle becomes your new normal. It’s a blessing to have strong individuals like Margaret Feinberg to remind you of how loved you are and that through God, you really can do it.

Margaret recently spoke at Transformation Ministries Conference in California and it is moving, because she not only talks about the initial struggle of a life-changing event, but the loneliness and fear that creeps around you after everyone else has returned to their normal lives.

You can learn more about Margaret, shop her books and coloring books, check out her blog, and more at her website. She’s on all the social media platforms, so you keep up with her. We look forward to learning more from Margaret Feinberg, as we’re all students together in the class of life and we are so thankful for all the teachers in our lives helping us navigate this faith journey.