We are the dust of dust,

We are the apple of God’s eye,

We are infinite as the universe we hold inside.

-Sleeping At Last, “The Sun”

Sleeping at Last’s music makes you feel a million things at once and rethink the world around you.

An alternative rock project started by Ryan O’Neal, Sleeping at Last is an amazing blend of beauty, inspiration, and faith. While we would not call this worship music, O’Neal’s faith radiates from his lyrics and invoke a sense of wonder at God’s grace. He does not tell you to love God, but he tells you about God’s love. In an interview, O’Neal had this to say about combining his faith and music: “Our faith is a very big part of our lives, so naturally it comes through in our songs in a lot of ways. We never try to tone it down or up. And that’s sort of how we’ve approached our faith and music from the beginning. We’re just privileged to play music for anyone with an open ear.”

Sleeping at Last has several albums, but the one that has stuck us squarely in the heart is the latest release of Atlas: Space. Starting with the sun, Sleeping at Last musically moves through the solar system, and it is indescribably moving.

We recommend starting at the beginning with “The Sun”, but you can also start with popular song of the album, “Saturn”. The music video itself will stir things inside of you and leave you in wonder.

 You can listen to the rest of the album below!

If you’d like to learn more about the man behind Sleeping at Last, here is an interview he did with Relevant Magazine:

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