singer ✅
songwriter ✅
husband and father ✅
worship leader ✅
Grammy-nominated ✅

Zach Williams checks off a lot of boxes, but, for us, he checks off the “powerful testimony in song” box. An overwhelmingly talented musician from Jonesboro, Arkansas, Zach Williams has been involved in several different groups including Brothers of Grace and Zach Williams & The Reformation. However, his most recent solo album, Chain Breaker, has been a moving experience in connecting with God’s power working in our lives.

Chain Breaker is full of blessed light in the midst of hard times. No matter what struggle, hardship, or down-on-your-luck situation you find yourself in right now, Zach’s rich vocals will remind you to have hope in Him.

Two of our absolute favorites on Chain Breaker is “Song of Deliverance” and “Old Church Choir”.

Here is Zach live at Air1 singing the title song off the album, “Chain Breaker”, which has topped the charts on Christian radio stations and on iTunes.

Good news if you want to see him live in 2018: he’s on tour! He’s making the rounds across the U.S. (except Texas, as he was here at LifeAustin back in September) so you’ll have the chance to see him and worship together! Check out the dates here.

We cannot wait to see what Zach Williams has in store for the future, and in the meantime, we’ll keep worshiping with him about God, the chain-breaker.

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