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[il-lu-mi-nà-re] • verb • "to light" or "illuminate"

highlighting people working for something greater than themselves
who illuminate those around them and are changing the world one relationship at a time
who are examples of action over fear

  • [qodef_separator class_name="" type="normal" position="center" color="#ffffff" border_style="" width="" thickness="" top_margin="" bottom_margin=""] Hope Smiles is a groundbreaking dental care and community development organization based in Nashville, Tennessee, providing emergency and comprehensive dental services in underserved communities locally, domestically, and internationally. The organization serves the uninsured, unemployed, oppressed, forgotten, and marginalized to not only rebuild teeth, but offer hope, love, and community.  Hope Smiles is led by an innovative and collaborative team with big-hearted vision. Their passion, dedication, and compassion is the bedrock of this ministry.     We had the amazing opportunity recently to visit with the

  •     This week, illuminare continues to give others hope and inspiration  by promoting faith builders  who are following their calling with action to help others around the world. Internationally acclaimed as the "Artist of Hope", Steven Lavaggi is known for his imaginative, original paintings and grand scale murals, as well as his home decor and jewelry line of products featured on the QVC television shopping network. Lavaggi combines faith, hope and love into a core message of the pursuit of life’s higher purposes through a spiritual perspective. We were honored for

  • WELCOME HOME(LESS ) A man who is not only living out his calling but living IN it. [caption id="attachment_11410" align="alignleft" width="300"] photo courtesy of Mobile Loaves and Fishes[/caption] Alan Graham is the president, CEO, and a founding member of Mobile Loaves & Fishes, a social outreach ministry committed to providing permanent, sustainable solutions for the chronically homeless, with compassion, love, and dignity. Since 1996, Alan and teams of over 18,000 volunteers have delivered over 5 million meals with a side of hope to the homeless and working poor on the streets of Austin and

  • Dr. Melissa Miskell is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist who brings holistic medical practices to the needs of men and women going through the aging process. In 2006 she became a volunteer with Prevention International: No Cervical Cancer (PINCC), dedicated to providing cancer screening services in clinics across Africa, Latin America, and India. She now leads PINCC as its executive director.  Recently, René sat down with “Dr. Melissa”, as her African patients fondly call her. They discussed her calling and the role faith and discernment, or what she refers to as “listening

  • Steps of Faith: Encouraging Women to Find Their Purpose Heather Frierson is the founder of Created Woman, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps equip and empower women to recognize and embrace their God-given passions through resources and education. Heather and Rene sat down over coffee recently to discuss Created Woman and Heather’s ministry of helping women find relevant purpose in their lives Q For our readers, tell us a little about Heather?   A I like to think I’m fun! I love wakeboarding, coffee, a really good laugh, real conversation, singing and dancing with my girls,

  • EMPACT Africa is a faith-based organization focused on helping pastors and their congregations in Sub-Saharan Africa combat the religious and cultural stigma of HIV and AIDS. Recently, Rene´ sat down with EMPACT Africa founder David Barstow to discuss his calling and the role faith plays in his work. Q We each have a story of how we’ve responded to our calling.  What sparked EMPACT Africa for you? A In early August 2006, I was attending the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit at Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church, which was one of about 600 churches broadcasting the