Burn brighter, radiate the light,

we’ll sing it out ‘til our world’s alive

Burn brighter, fearless in the fight,

light, light, light up the darkness


According to band member Jeremy, the driving passion behind Fearless BND is to “share the gifts God has given this church in the land of broken dreams with worship pastors and leaders around the world, equipping them to lead with power and excellence in today’s content and media-saturated culture.”

Fearless BND’s electric blend of dance and indie-folk creates a new worship experience for those are looking to step outside the boundaries of classic contemporary Christian music. What makes Fearless BND even greater is what they seek to accomplish for musicians and artists. They are launching a novel ‘loaves and fishes’ approach to creating new music for the church with the purpose of equipping and empowering those in worship. Read here to learn more about the origins of Fearless BND.

Their latest single, “Brighter”, was just released earlier this month and will really shine a light on your day.  You can be having the worst day, in a fog of spiritual warfare, and this song will be a beacon of God’s love to break through it.

Another part of Fearless BND to love is what they stand for. The quote below is a powerful example of using past struggle and fear and turning it into a light for others.

“Fear had been something we’d both battled with our entire lives,” Jeremy says, “and yet we felt called to the dreamers, to those crushed by their dreams, to those chasing their dreams, those with dead dreams… to people who had moved to LA from all over the world to pursue the arts, entertainment, education, entrepreneurship—to not just be a safe haven, but a dream factory, helping broken people dare to dream again.”

You can find Fearless BND’s latest album, We Are Fearless, on Spotify and iTunes. Start listening below!

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featured image source: Fearless LA