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In the valley I will lift my eyes to the One who sees me there
When I’m standing on the mountain I didn’t get there on my own
When I’m walking through the valley I know I am not alone
You’re God of the hills and valleys, hills and valleys


The greatest musical finds usually come from a message that begins, “Hey! You’ve got to check this out…”. That’s exactly how we found Tauren Wells.

Here’s the song that was shared with us:

You can feel Tauren’s voice healing those wounds deep inside, as his voice knits broken pieces together. Full of grace, his songs have been trending on the mainstream charts, reaching out across the musical world and singing His praise. Tauren is not a new presence on the scene, however. Previously, he was the frontman for Royal Tailor, which was Grammy-nominated and won Artist of the Year at the Dove Awards. Just recently in 2016, Tauren signed as a solo artist with Provident Label Group’s Reunion Records. His latest album, Hills and Valleys, was just released earlier this year in June.

Read Tauren’s full bio here!

What we found interesting is that Tauren is not only bringing music to our ears, but he is also bringing it to the next generation. In 2014, Tauren and his wife launched the Prisma Worship Arts School, a private music academy in Houston, in which their “heart and soul objective is to fuel dreams, empower creatives, and refine gifts to illuminate the world with God’s glory.”

If you’re interested in seeing him live, you’re in luck! He’s currently touring the U.S. right now and will have a couple stops in Texas next weekend in San Antonio and Grand Prairie.

See all of his tour dates here.