CORE’s Vision is to help men see their true identity and purpose in the context of brotherhood for the sake of their families and cities.

Men crave community. Whether it’s a fishing trip, a backpacking outing, a weekend football or hockey game, or just meeting the guys for a drink after work, men hang out. And while the conversation may be different from what the women in their lives share, men also share what’s on their minds and their hearts.

And when the hearts of men catch fire through the Spirit of Christ, everything ignites! Questions of what’s happening in their personal lives, their work lives, their home lives, their community lives – all come into focus when God’s Word is placed at the center of their lives, guiding and leading them to turn away from generational cycles of abandonment and abuse. Justice and compassion replace apathy and self-focus, spreading like wildfire.

The is the vision CORE Ministries was created to see become reality. Launching this Spring across Austin with the cooperation and support of multiple church communities, Core offers men a powerful 10-week small group curriculum, a series of ten short films highlighting the lives of men like baseball legend Mariano Rivera, business management Guru Tom Patterson, and rock musician Tommy Green making a difference in their own spheres of influence, and a community group structure creating brotherhood and connection in ways that positively impact a man, his family, and his city.

Men, if you’re looking for a fresh and exciting way to connect with other men and share the power of God’s work in your life, enroll today for a small group near you. Ladies, if you know a guy in search of a wider community, encourage them to check out Core Ministries.

More details and enrollment opportunities can be found here: