by Renè

The second week of The Quest was honestly a little more intense as we dug deeper into the life of Abraham in Genesis.

Through this, Beth guides us through tales of Sarah, Hagar, and more as we followed scripture from the Old Testament to the New!  I’ve mentioned before how highly I think of Beth Moore, as she continues to deliver thorough biblical teaching. She invites us to go deeper into scripture than you would think is possible. We know Bible scripture can be dense and often very hard to digest, but she breathes clarity and understanding into the Word that leaves us with an insatiable desire to consume more.

In week one, we wrote where we are in our PRESENT selves. This week focused on setting the course toward where we are going.

Here’s a snapshot of the amazing wisdom we gained this week:

After restating the promised Abraham in Genesis 15 :4, please note what God did “he took him outside and said look at the sky “ Abraham was in his tent when the word of the Lord came to him. It is moving that got escorted Abraham outside the limited perimeters of his man-made tent to expand his vision. Sometimes the faith walker or stares too long at the cramped walls of his or her own understanding and needs to be exported outside where he or she can see the wide open sky and be challenged to think bigger.


Our God is bigger than anything you will ever comprehend or imagine or understand.

Our Commonalities with him are legion.

Abraham didn’t choose GOD. God chose him.

Abraham was called to go and so are we.

He had no idea where and neither do we.

He was enormously blessed and so are we.

He thought God was taking too long and so do we.

He tried to fulfill a miraculous plan with natural means and so have we.

He took matters into his own hands with resultant heartache and so have we.

Sound familiar? As our faith journey continues, stay tuned for thoughts on week 3 of Beth Moore’s The Quest.