By Renè

entrusted beth moore bible study

Even though I’ve done years of Bible studies, this week felt extremely in-depth.

Honestly, I felt quite in over my head as Beth encourages you to go back-and-forth across many books of the Bible. There was significant frustration as I was tasked with a great deal of reading, writing, thinking, and praying. Although I loved the biblical passages, I felt inundated with information.

Then, towards the end of the week, I was overcome with disappointment in myself for superficially thinking. I felt “put out” because of the time and frustration of having to dig deep into my thoughts and my feelings.


After what Christ did for us, not only at the cross but prior to that: horrific beatings, spat on, disgraced, dishonored in his own hometown, and after what Paul and the disciples had to encounter along with countless other Christ followers. What was I thinking? Who cares that I was inconvenienced by reading too much or having to think too much, in the midst of a busy week.

Have you felt the same way about keeping up with your faith? What does that say about us as a culture?

What does that say about us as Christians?

Beth begins week three with an extraordinary introduction:

“I suspect many of us struggle, and often in vain, to feel like we truly belong. Not long ago I asked a large crowd of people how many of them would own up to the feeling like a misfit on a fairly regular basis and several spheres of their lives. I’d hoped for enough hands to make my point. However, what I got what’s a majority thunderous enough to make the ones who had no such struggle to suddenly feel like-you guessed it- misfits. The irony in our unshakable sense of alienation is that many of us are keeping the exact same secret. “

She advises that even though we keep looking for the perfect fit in our every aspect of our lives, and despite every now and then feeling like we’ve even found it, it never lasts. Something always changes. Sure, we could be depressed, but we are in a world system where we never quite belong as Christians. No wonder I often feel like I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for…It’s not here!

This is not our place of belonging. It became alien to us the moment we were born-again in Christ. As Beth tell us, “THIS WORLD IS NOT OUR HOME”

Then, we came to this difficult question on day 4: 

Jesus asks in Mark 10: 36 and 51: “What do you want me to do for you?”  

Do we even know?

It hits you like a brick into your heart. You pause and may say nothing. Deep down, you know that you’re loved, you’re forgiven, and you’re HIS.

 This is why we adore Beth Moore. She pulls you in with her masterful writing and bible scripture applications, which helps you dig deep into your faith.

More to come next week as we start week four. Stay with me on this quest.