When the storms of life rise and threaten to swamp you, can you quiet the waves? Can you leave that cherished boat behind and walk on the troubled waters, or do you cling to your boat like the rest of the world, certain you will drown if you step on the deep dark seas that surround you?”
In one of our favorite biblical fiction novels, A.D. 30, author Ted Dekker tells the story of Maviah, the outcast daughter of one of the most powerful Bedouin sheikhs in Arabia, who is sent on a perilous journey to save her father and find freedom herself.Dekker unconventionally weaves in the teachings of Jesus Christ and grips you with this heartbreaking and thrilling novel. Not only does Dekker believably delve into the mind of a strong woman, he takes you with him on a story about the journey of faith: both in the Lord and in oneself.

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