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Rene is a Nashville native, who calls Austin home. Her prayer for those who join this journey is to be filled with hope and encouragement and to take that leap of faith and step into their calling. She believes that a few minutes with Him daily can change your life through fearless prayer and His word. For over three decades, Rene has been at the forefront of several successful companies connecting people, passions, and possibilities.Her vision for all things faithful is to build bridges between people and their faith through positive reminders of God’s work and presence in all things. She enjoys great food and meaningful conversation. She’s a little bit of everything: a wife, a mom, a mentor, and friend. Just look for her on the patio with a cup of coffee, a prayer journal, and the Texas sky.

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Caitlyn grew up in central Texas and has always had a passion for working towards something greater than herself. She was voted “Most Likely to Save the Whales” in high school and graduated from UT Austin with a degree in Government. She spent several years leading others in business settings where she developed an entrepreneurial spirit. Her goal for all things faithful is to lead others to a more positive life and to see the world a little brighter through their faith



director of content and research

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