A week can fly by in the blink of an eye, and, if you’re like us and are subscribed to a gazillion devotionals, you can miss a few. Each week we will bring you a list of 7 stand-out devotionals and thought pieces from authors across the internet that brought a unique and important message of faith. We hope you enjoy this week’s thoughtful things!


When Life Takes A Dramatic Turn by Natalie Venegas for Milk & Honey Faith

Milk and Honey Faith- Thoughtful Things All Things Faithful

“I’ve slowly come to realize that this little life that I was blessed with for just a short time was given so that I could grow in faith and perseverance.  I’m supposed to tell my story so that it helps others who are going through the very same thing.  I am supposed to give a voice to what otherwise might be kept silent.  It’s about more than miscarriage.  It’s about pain and trauma.  These types of life-changing events take many forms and we have a God who is willing to help us through each one of them.  But where do we start when we are broken and hurting?”

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Mind If I Pray For You by Mary DeMuth

(Posted on AnnVoskamp.com)

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“We may not see our way around the next unknown bend in the road.

But Jesus does.

He walks alongside us every day, giving us the hope we need to make the next decision, love the people in front of us, forgive those who have hurt us, let go of the control that makes us twitchy, and practice the art of gratitude.

He is with us in the heartache, the questions, the dreams, and the frailty of life.”

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Agape Love by Lindsey Nelson for Live Original

Live Original Thoughtful Things

“As you read each word, it has you on His mind. He’s constantly jealous for you, because He desires to show you this love. It comes only by Him, so no need to look anywhere else. He’s calling your name, sister. You need only to turn your gaze to Him, and His unconditional, unmerited, undeserving, love is ready to embrace you. “

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How You Can Hear God’s Voice by Pete Briscoe for Telling The Truth

Telling the Truth

“That’s a very simple word: God. Three letters; one syllable; very easy to say.

How could such a small word ever describe the Almighty Father that we find in the Bible? It can’t. No words can; and yet, in the Bible, God reveals Himself to be the One we can know about, and the One we can know personally—and then make known to others.”

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Set Your Pace, Win Your Race by Shannon for Going Beyond Ministries

“It is easy to get lost in the shuffle of this big, wide world. Everything is fast-paced and forever changing. I try to stay at my own pace and hone in on the gifts I possess and how it is the Lord plans for me to use them. Even still, I am guilty of overstaying my welcome and drafting for too long off of someone else’s wind. Their journey seems more exhilarating or less demanding, and I imagine my life in their shoes. I teeter between my truth and theirs, faithlessly questioning my Father.”

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Loving Your Neighbor in 2018 by Madeline Crowely for The Good Fruit

The Good Fruit Devotional Digest Pick

“A few months ago I was asked, “What would the world look like if everyone loved their next door neighbor?” Different–the world would look different. And banding together behind any one mission would certainly bring a wave of change. One just as simple, straightforward as loving your neighbor would have an exponential effect.

I think about my excuses for why I do not love my next door neighbor…”

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New Beginnings Are Complicated by Becky McCoy for (in)courage

incourage devotional website

“Each new year, I remember that I can do hard things. I can parent my children and love them, even if our family is broken. I can pursue my career, hobbies, and passions, even though the partner I had hoped to share them with is gone. I can learn to love deeply, knowing it means I have to learn to sit with my grief, my disappointment, and my shattered heart.”

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