Be Happy: Let God Renew the Attitude of Your Mind by Terri L Thompson PsyD


For present day adolescent and adult Christians, adversities of life may result in unresolved negative emotions harboring in the heart. The heart then becomes clouded from the Holy Spirit, and you wondering where’s God with an ungodly attitude. When the heart is clouded, negative realities make life feel complicated and stressful with negative moods revealing immature ways of protecting self. Ungodly attitudes, negative moods and immature ways of protecting self are what Paul wants believers to put off, renew the attitude of the mine, be happy and more like Christ. Using religious coping skills will allow the Holy Spirit to instruct and guide, unblock your happiness, have joy with the Lord and back on God’s GPS.Letting God renew the attitude of your mind is about growing into a better disciple of Christ by making God’s word (the Bible) a conscious part of your transformation; learning religious coping mechanisms, when life gets difficult; and return to experiencing all God plans for you. With this bibliotherapy you will begin your season to a new self; while experiencing God’s unconditional love, encouragement, and strength. Our Lord always honors a desire to be more like His son and I pray that this journey gets you off the detour and God’s planned road springs forth for you with His favor!


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