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Empowering stories of individuals who are in a passionate pursuit of something greater than themselves sparking the fire of transformation in our communities and hearts with missions that positively impact the globe.

Brooke Crowder

We had the opportunity to meet with the founder and CEO of The Refuge for DMST, Brooke Crowder, at their office in Austin to discuss the role faith plays in the organization’s mission and how she came to find her calling.

  • Heather Frierson is the founder of Created Woman, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps equip and empower women to recognize and embrace their God-given passions through resources and education. Heather and Rene sat down over coffee recently to discuss Created Woman and Heather’s ministry of helping women find relevant purpose in their lives ALL THINGS FAITHFUL: For our readers, tell us a little about Heather? HEATHER FRIERSON: I like to think I’m fun! I love wakeboarding, coffee, a really good laugh, real conversation, singing and dancing with my girls, and wearing a great pair of

  • Hope Smiles is a groundbreaking dental care and community development organization based in Nashville, Tennessee, providing emergency and comprehensive dental services in underserved communities locally, domestically, and internationally. The organization serves the uninsured, unemployed, oppressed, forgotten, and marginalized to not only rebuild teeth, but offer hope, love, and community.

  • CC4C is an Austin-based nonprofit that provides children with rare or undiagnosed conditions and their families in the Central Texas area with resources to help meet the child’s medical needs not covered by insurance or other financial assistance. Through community building, CC4C uplifts these children to bring joy and inspiration to their lives and gives families the support they need during the long journey to healing. It was a blessing to get together with Talaya, the Executive Director and Founder of CC4C, and hear her story of how her family struggle