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Holy Spirit: Unlocking the power of the Holy Spirit by Timothy Gracie


What is the greatest promise God ever made?

For all the blessings God has ever given to mankind, the Holy Spirit remains one of the most integral and important ones. Yet, many Christians struggle with unlocking the power in their lives because there is so much division and differences in theology in the church.

Many theologians focus too much on trying to be right and proving one theological point or the other. This is not a book that teaches you about the Holy Spirit within the confines of the scriptures that have been given to us.

Benefits of this book:

  • Teaches directly from the scriptures
  • Simple truths that can be understood
  • Based on the teachings of Christ and the apostles
  • Written to help believers unlock the power alive within them
  • Uses the simplicity of the Word of God to unlock truths
  • Written for all believers regardless of where you think you are, you will learn something you can apply to your life

Be a blessing today, and download a copy and be blessed.


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