Old Errors and New Labels Paperback – August 1, 2007



This book, the author wrote in 1931, is an attempt to judge contemporary ideas in the field of morals, religion, science, evolution, sociology, psychology and humanism in the light of the philosophical daylight called ‘common sense.’ If at times it criticizes certain views on the grounds of their unreasonableness, it does so to prepare for a view which seems more reasonable. If at other times it shows that what is wrong with a certain philosophical outlook is an emphasis on a part against the whole, it does so in order to suggest a view that is more catholic in the sense of being the whole truth. There is little sympathy in these pages for those who believe that everything modern is good, or that everything modern is bad. The remarkable — if unsettling — discovery is that seventy-five years later, Bishop Sheen’s challenge of tired old errors still finds some of them huffing and puffing under entirely new garb.


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