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STEP into It: Overcoming Trials That Lead to Purpose by Anita Morris


Life has dealt you a heavy blow, and you’re wondering how you’re gonna survive this time. Perhaps survival isn’t what you need. Could it be that this trial is the catalyst by which you will be awakened to something greater? Overcoming the trials of life isn’t uncommon. People survive and move forward after devastating circumstances every day. Yet, not everyone emerges from the storm equipped to thrive in life. Anita Morris walks the reader through a process of becoming transformed in the midst and aftermath of life’s storms. Using her own personal stories of devastation, she provides practical tools to help guide you through implementing steps that lead to a transformed way of thinking and living. No matter what type of trial you’re dealing with, there’s hope. You are only four steps away from embracing God’s purpose for your life. Will you take the journey?


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