Type A Christian

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Have you ever credited your success to having a Type A personality? If so, then you join an overwhelming number of people in the world who consider themselves Type A. As with any personality type, some qualities are positive and some are negative. But do these qualities bless or undermine the purpose God has given to us as Christians?In Type A Christian: Transforming Personality Traits into Fruitful Growth, Autumn Hoover sets out to answer these questions and to guide us in identifying positive and negative personality traits in order to fulfill our roles as followers of Christ.Type A Christian is a unique self-examination that introduces us to various personality types and behaviors and then provides us with a one-of-a-kind personality quiz to help assess our own common behaviors and Christian conduct. Here, Autumn combines her 17 years of experience helping people as a healthcare provider with her passion for personality examination and knowledge of Scripture to help us identify which traits need to be improved and which ones need to be transformed altogether. Using insightful examinations of Scripture, personality traits, and behaviors, Autumn walks us through an honest look at whether or not our behaviors coincide with the fruit of the Spirit. Each chapter in this book reveals valuable information that will impact our walk with Christ and the furthering of His Kingdom.God made us all unique and granted us with varying personalities to fulfill His purpose. Learning which traits to grow and which to prune can benefit both the church and the world in utilizing our best attributes and spreading the Gospel.


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